Got Dry Skin? Check Out These Tips Only For You

 Got Dry Skin? Check Out These Tips Only For You

When exposed to the sun normal skin and dry skin will have varied reactions, dry skin will typically redden and burn more quickly and when this does take place, dry skin is much more likely to peel. 

Peeling due to sunburn can make dry skin feel itchy and tends to be more bothersome in colder climates where irritation can be caused or increased due to the dryness of the cold winter air. 

It is also possible for the skin to become scaly or chapped when conditions are noticeably dry, which can cause soreness and discomfort of the skin.

People that have a fair complexion are more likely to have dry skin but dry skin does not only affect people that have a fair complexion, but other people with different complexions can also be affected as well. 

The cheeks and areas such as the forehead tend to have a higher likelihood of becoming dry and it is very common that people with dry skin, especially in the cheek area will feel tightness after cleansing those areas.

Age is one key factor that can lead to individuals developing dry skin but there are also many other factors that can cause the skin to become drier. 

The environment that surrounds us, medications we are prescribed, the weather where we live and even the foods we eat can all be contributing factors to the development of dry skin.

Part of the reason why the skin can become dry is determined by how the skin sheds cells, individuals who're skin sheds in large areas as opposed to shedding cell by cell will tend to have drier skin. 

A common misconception about dry skin is making the assumption that having dry skin is entirely due to not having enough moisture in the skin.

The dryness of skin can be reduced by the proper application of quality skin moisturizers but one must be careful when selecting a skin moisturizer as some can reduce the skin's ability to shed properly which is a large contributing factor to dry skin in the first place. 

Gently exfoliation of one's skin can aid a quality moisturizer in the process of restoring moisture to the skin but care must be taken during this process because excessive exfoliation can lead to the development of overly sensitive skin.

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