Early Signs of Skin Cancer Best Post For You

Protecting Yourself From Skin Cancer

Early Signs of Skin Cancer Best Post For You

Let's face it: No one, especially a teenager or young adult lays on the beach or by the pool and frets over whether or not he or she is going to someday get skin cancer, yet it is a reality that has become more prevalent over the years. 

While your skin may look gorgeous after a few hours in the sun, the damage that the powerful UV rays can potentially cause is so not worth a tan that lasts for a few days. 

The summer sun can be so dangerous that it has the power to cause premature aging as well as more serious issues such as skin cancer.

Beginning Signs of Skin Cancer

There are several signs and symptoms associated with skin cancer. Keep in mind, however, that just because you experience any one of the following signs of skin cancer DOES NOT mean you actually have the disease. 

The following is a list of possible signs associated with skin cancer. This is not an exhaustive list. If you notice a growth on your skin that you believe looks suspicious, consult your doctor or healthcare professional:

- Unexplained weight loss
- Fever
- Pain
- Skin changes that include but are not limited to skin that is darker in appearance, jaundice, skin that is red in appearance, unusual hair growth,

Early Signs of Skin Cancer

Most cancers do not have any "early" signs. In fact, most of the time a person notices something unusual, cancer has been active for a while and is most likely in the process of causing damage.

First Early Signs of Skin Cancer

Some of the most common first signs of skin cancer include the following:

- New skin growth or change in an existing growth

- A pimple that does not heal (it tends to ooze, bleed and scab)

Signs of Melanoma Skin Cancer

Upon examination of the body for skin cancer, the dermatologist will typically compare a new skin growth with the criteria for melanoma. This criterion is known as the ABCDs of melanoma:

  • Asymmetry - Is the shape of the growth even on both sides?
  • Border - Is the border of the skin growth jagged or smooth?

  • Color - Melanoma usually has a definite variance in color. Benign skin growths are usually one shade in color. Melanoma can have varying degrees of color and can be shades of brown and tan, black, and can even be speckled with red, white and blue.

  • - Diameter - The size of the growth is also indicative of whether it is in fact melanoma.

Signs of Skin Cancer Itching

Itchiness is a common symptom of skin cancer, especially if it is a sore that does not heal and becomes a scab.

 If it becomes particularly bothersome, ask your dermatologist or other health care professional to prescribe a topical cream to alleviate this particular symptom.

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