Five Signs Of Skin Cancer That Can Be Instrumental In Saving Your Life

Five Signs Of Skin Cancer That Can Be Instrumental In Saving Your Life

five signs of skin cancer. this article is a warning of the five signs of skin cancer to those who find themselves out in the sun for a prolonged period of time or frequently use tanning beds.

People love being tan. It is no secret that nice, dark-colored skin looks great on the body, and makes you look and feel more attractive. 

During the summertime, people flock to the pool, beach or even the backyard to soak up some rays and add a little color to their skin. 

The obsession with having dark skin due to its aesthetic features has many people wanting to keep the tan year-round. 

This has led to a drastic increase in the popularity of tanning beds, and to a lesser degree, tanning sprays.

Although it is hard to argue against the beauty of dark skin, those who seek to be tan expose themselves to great danger in the form of skin cancer. 

Skin cancer, if not treated immediately, can result in death. People of all ages and skin types are susceptible to skin cancer; so young people, do not think skin cancer is only for older men and women who have spent most of their lives out in the sun. 

Fortunately, early warning signs of skin cancer exist. The following will help you identify early signs of skin cancer.

Five Signs Of Skin Cancer: Important That Every Body Should Be Aware Of This

1. A very first warning sign for melanoma is the two sides of a particular mole do not match or are not symmetrical. If you find a mole that fits this description then seek medical attention immediately.

2. If your mole has an uneven border, where the edges of the spot are ragged and blurred, it can also be a warning sign of skin cancer. 

If you are a woman and are pregnant, be sure to have your skin and any current moles checked after pregnancy because skin cancer can feed and grow on hormone changes.

3. A variance of color in a mole, especially a red or brown colored mole, can be an early sign of cancer. Moles can also have a bluish tint to them, which is a strong signal of melanoma. 

Moles with melanoma that are not caught early can morph into a larger, red mole. When the basal cell skin cancer in the mole is removed, it can leave a crater, which could need skin grafting.

4. Probably the biggest telltale sign for melanoma is the diameter of the mole. Experts call it the “eraser test,” when you have a mole that has grown bigger than a pencil eraser, it may very likely have formed melanoma. 

If your mole is bigger than an eraser head, seek medical attention right away.

5. The evolution of a mole, as an example, one patient first noticed their mole four years prior to surgery. 

The basal cell, which is not deadly if it removed in time – resulted from a lifetime of sun exposure and years of lifeguarding during the summers. 

Skin that is exposed to that much sun will usually change in symmetry, border, color, and diameter. It may subsequently evolve into itchy, reddish-colored skin cancer.

That was a list of the first signs of skin cancer. If your mole evolves into an itchy, bleeding annoyance then seek treatment. 

Luckily, skin cancer can be removed after a biopsy in an outpatient setting. If you are still unsure how to spot skin cancer, then go online and take a look at photos of early signs of skin cancer. 

Numerous photos have been taken of the different appearances of skin cancer to help you recognize if you or someone you know is inflicted with a basal cell. 

Make the routine of checking for the five signs of skin cancer on your body at least a couple of times a month; you may be thanking yourself later.

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