How to Get Silky Smooth Skin Using an Epilator?

Smooth Skin Using an Epilator

Most of the women always wonder if it is really possible to have a soft and smooth skin using epilator. Well, the answer to this is definitely yes! It is possible to have smooth skin; you have some of the best epilators in the market these days, which makes it possible.

Basically, the hair grows in 3 cycles. The fact that it grows in three cycles can be applied here.

This is the reason as to why you may get this feeling that your skin is not actually as smooth as you want it to be.

There is one more question that most of the women ask, and that is how often do they have to epilate? This is one of the reasons as to why some of the women stick with using the epilator once in a week.

If you are able to stick to this plan, then you will certainly have a very smooth skin. If not, after one week you will see some tiny hair re-growing when you feel the skin.

Many girls are sticking to this schedule and there are many of them who have reported that it has been a week or two since they epilated and they feel that the hair growth is slowing down.

Of course, there may be some tiny hair growing back, though these girls feel that it is not very disturbing.

Those women who have used epilators for years together have felt that their hair has grown thinner over the years.They also feel the growth has been less.

This is one of the major reasons as to why they are still using these epilators apart from the affordability of this equipment.

The main point is thata lot of them who have been epilating just do not do it once in a week; theydo their sessions once in 2 weeks.

One of the reasons that they claim that the skin is really very smooth is because these tiny hairs are not actually bad to feel and people will barely notice it unless they have a closer look at it.

Epilator or Razor?

The main question here is, will you be able get good smoothness after you use the epilator, like after you use the razor? Women have this common question – are these epilators actually as effective as razors when it comes to getting silky smooth feeling?

To be really honest here, many women swear by razors saying that the 1st day’s smoothness was what convinced them to continue using the razor for some more time.

They personally feel that the skin is really soft; however, you will not feel this way when you use an epilator.

You will have to look at the bigger picture here. These results are actually long lasting. Do not forget the ingrown hairs.These are actually pretty unpleasant and it’s worse than the tiny hairs.

It is very important to use moisturizer after you epilate. So, if you can stick to the plan of epilating once in a week, you will have a really smooth skin most of the time and there is absolutely nothing wrong with itat all.

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