Exclusive skin care tips from best skincare expert

Exclusive Skin Care Tips For You. 

every woman wants to have a beautiful face, However, I think in the development of science and technology today, And in addition to using skin care products are suitable for themselves, some daily life habits, no cost skills are also essential.

Exclusive Skin Care Tips Number One - You can choose 38 to 40 degrees for daily face wash

The best water temperature experiment proved that the most suitable water temperature is about 38 to 40 degrees. The warm water can dissolve sebum, relax the skin, dilate blood vessels, open pores, promote the excretion of metabolites, and have substantial cleaning capacity.

People with oily skin should have a water temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius. People with moderate skin and strong epidermis resistance should use hot water with a suitable temperature of about 38 degrees Celsius, dry skin, and people with allergies. It is advisable to use water of 37 degrees Celsius that is equivalent to body temperature.

After the hot water is washed Alternating the hot and cold water can activate the skin’s blood circulation . and delay the aging of the skin.

Exclusive Skin Care Tips Number Two - Pay attention to sun protection Skin quality is innate for everybody Regardless of the condition of the skin,

In order not to have a long spot on the face, the natural whitening and replenishment are essential. In particular, sun protection is not limited to summer. Actually, sun protection is necessary all year round. Once sunburn forms, it is challenging to subside, so prevention is still very Necessary! And at night to take a shower to give skin care, apply a bright white moisturizing mask, deep replenishment, repair damaged skin after sun, restore skin vitality

Exclusive Skin Care Tips Number Three - Do not take too long when removing makeup

The girls who usually make make-up are aware that makeup removal is a must, everyday make-up foundations, CC creams, and make-up creams all require makeup removal.

This process is not just to wash off a cleanser. Make sure to remove the cleansing water first and then clean it with a cleaner or cleanser.

At the same time, also pay attention to make the remover is 40 seconds is appropriate, the longest not more than one minute, otherwise, the skin will feel very dry!

Exclusive Skin Care Tips Number Four - Appropriate massage for facial skin It can take a few minutes a day to massage our facial skin.

Note that there is a little trick here, which is to rub your fingertips gently, remember not to over Massage to the skin. Otherwise, it will speed up the relaxation of the skin.

It can also be done with a facial massager, but remember to use an essence or cream.

Exclusive Skin Care Tips Number Five  - Do not drink alcohol Nowadays, due to work and social factors

According to medical research, it is best for girls. Although drinking alcohol is often used for the skin, it will cause skin damage, dryness, and accelerated aging.

So, especially young women who love beauty

Exclusive Skin Care Tips Number Six - Keep enough sleep for at least 6 hours a day

Adequate sleep every day is the best method of beauty whitening but also can make your skin moist and elastic.

And during sleep, it is the best period for skin rejuvenation. At this time, some natural whitening skin care products can be well absorbed by skin whitening effect.

Exclusive Skin Care Tips Number Seven  - Exercise at least 2 or 3 times a week Exercise promotes. New tender cells will grow, leaving skin smooth and delicate, while dead cells will migrate to the epidermis.

At the same time, exercise can make the body sweat, accelerate blood circulation. It makes the dirt, and excess grease in the pores will also be discharged with the sweat, the oxygen. And the moisture in the blood is more effective in the skin cells to transmit, the cells with full of humidity will make the skin full of elasticity and shine, exudes a healthy environment.

So, you should also take the time to make yourself

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